Why are Shaun’s claims false?

The righteousness of Mr. Ferguson's anger is questionable, as his choices to restore justice raise many questions.
If you analyze all his claims, it becomes obvious that they are groundless:

1. History of cooperation. Shaun Ferguson has relied on NIX Solutions multiple times over the course of three years and was pleased with the services provided. Then, due to changes in the legislation of Ukraine, the company could no longer help him in the implementation of projects. And it was at this point that Mr. Ferguson decided to make a complaint about the quality of the work. Now it turned out that the quality of the services provided leaves much to be desired. It is somewhat contradictory, because the quality of services could not have deteriorated significantly at the very last moment. If the customer was dissatisfied with the service, he would have terminated cooperation much earlier.

2. Wanting to get back the money spent, Shaun Ferguson turned to arbitration of Upwork freelancing platform. The exchange analyzed the complaint and reviewed the history of interactions and found no violations on the part of the contractor - NIX Solutions. You can find out more about the Upwork solution on the home page.

3. The claims made by Shaun Ferguson for cooperation with both contractors, NIX Solutions and Xicom Technologies, are almost identical in content. From this we can conclude that the accusations were made in a fit of feelings and have little to do with the real state of affairs.