NIX Solutions - Summary of the case

Mr. Shaun Ferguson has been using NIX Solutions' web development services for three years. Cooperation was done via Upwork site, 3 contracts were signed and successfully completed in three years.
Soon after that, new practices of legal regulation came into force in Ukraine and cooperation between NIX Solutions and Shaun Ferguson became impossible.
Mr. Ferguson found another contractor, Xicom Technologies, and NIX Solutions gave them all the relevant project info and supported them free of charge for 3 months.
Months later, the ex-client decides to go to Upwork arbitration for a refund. However, Upwork did not comply with Shaun’s request - all work was performed by the contractor and accepted by the client.

For this reason, Shaun Ferguson decides to create the sites and to tarnish the name and reputation of NIXSolutions. By analogy with these two sites, there are also and - obviously, the results of the work of the second contractor were also unsatisfactory. You can see screenshots of the sites on the main page. However, it is noteworthy that the claims expressed coincide in both cases, and Shaun Ferguson cannot prove he is right, which means that he simply wants to return the funds for the work already done.