How Shaun Ferguson denigrates contractors and why the allegations may seem true

In order to promote his sites in the search results, Shaun Ferguson cites them on various forums and reviews sites using high-flown talk. Good old clickbait can still get people interested, especially when used alongside the names of companies you are interested in.

So, the user is looking for feedback on NIX Solutions and finds information about the negative experience of cooperation - and it is quite human nature to become interested in the negative.

Yes, hot topics are interesting to people, and search engines are very sensitive to all user actions in their systems. Since the ratio of clicks to views is good, Google thinks that the material is useful and interesting to people, and ther

efore raises it in the search results. A high ranking allows more people to see the site, and now a vicious circle is set in motion.

Entering the site, a person sees a bunch of reviews and investigations, and thinks that this is all true - after all, there are links to all statements. However, he does not pay attention to the sources of the claims - and there are quite often other sites created by Mr. Ferguson. You can verify this by going to the main page of this site - all screenshots and sources are there.

The ex-client did the same with Xicom Technologies. On, he gives allegedly negative reviews of the company, and in “Xicom Review 4” he refers to “,” a site specifically created to add weight to the former client’s words.

Almost all of the entries and links on were created in August 2013, at the time the anti Xicom Technologies campaign was launched.

Thus, the secret to the success of these sites created by Mr. Ferguson is simple: a flashy name and a long list of "clues". People are interested in information and read the arguments for a long time - and so search engines increase the position of these resources.